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Since 2009 Source of Hope supports the Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar Foundation. This organization aims to increase the wellbeing of a population living in extreme poverty. At their headquarters, located 30 minutes from the City of Cartagena, they help over 450 adolescent mothers by providing schooling and job training.

Source of Hope supports the Crib Sponsoring Program. This initiative saves yearly the lives of 350 newborn babies. The main objective of this program is to reduce child mortality rates and eradicate preventable deaths of children due to malnutrition, disease and lack of economic resources. We also help their Medical Center that provides after care to the babies from the Crib Sponsoring Program and offers health care to teenage mothers. This Center provides yearly medical care to approximately 20,000 patients.

Catalina Escobar, the Founder of the Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar Foundation in 2012, was the only Latina chosen as a TOP 10 CNN HERO, among 50,000 candidates from more than 100 countries.

Fundacion Cardioinfantil ( FCI ) - Source of Hope supports this pediatric institute in Bogotà, Colombia. The Hospital provides access for the poorest children to highly skilled doctors and surgeons who perform the most up to date lifesaving medical procedures, including heart transplants, free of charge. In the last 10 years the FCI has treated more than 20,000 children with heart disease. Through their medical teams in 12 Colombian states, they have had an impact on more than 280 cities and small towns, about 70% of the country. Each year, more than 700 children receive corrective or palliative surgery, interventional procedures and other medical treatments that often transforms their lives.


Through Mercy Corps, Source of Hope is providing fresh water to over 100,000 people in the southern Ethiopian provinces of Konso and Derashe. To date we have built five aquifers which collect stream water high in the hills and pipe it directly into the villages through force of gravity. The villagers fill their large cans with water from faucets in the village center.

Fresh water is essential to life, and hugely reduces waterborne diseases. A child who contracts diarrhea from impure water might die in a few days. We are presently tripling the number of aquifers.

Additionally, Source of Hope has built two schools to train young women, in these provinces, in the basic elements of business, leading to micro loans to establish small enterprises.


Days after the Haitian earthquake we funded a grant to Partners in Health, an NGO which has been running hospitals and clinics in Haiti for 25 years. These monies have aided both the emergency response and longer term aid for this tragedy stricken island. Source of Hope Foundation is helping build a new state of the art diagnostic laboratory on the premises of the Mirabelais Hospital, the new Hospital that Partners in Health has built in the highlands of Haiti.

The email below refers to a Cat Scan that Source of Hope donated to the new hospital in Mirebelais, Haiti. Dr. Paul Farmer is the founder of Partners in Health.

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Source of Hope supports Hand-in-Hand, a center for Jewish-Palestinian education in Israel. Hand-in-Hand's mission is to build a network of integrated schools in Israel bringing together Palestinian-Israelis and Jewish-Israelis children for an education that spans both culture and languages. Classes are taught both in Hebrew and in Arabic. This is specifically important as Palestinian-Israelis and Jewish-Israelis communities are mostly segregated and there is little interaction among these two cultures. The organization's vision "Learning together - Living together", reflects the goal of creating a more peaceful, pluralistic and democratic society in Israel.

Source of Hope contributes to B'Tselem, an Israeli NGO founded in 1989 by a group of prominent Israeli lawyers, academics, journalists and members of the Knesset. Its goal is to document human rights violations in the occupied territories, fight denial and help create a human rights culture in Israel.

The Parent's Circle is a joint Israeli-Palestinian organization of over 600 families all of whom have lost a close family member as a result of the prolonged conflict. They help families from both sides deal with their grief over the loss of loved ones. The organization utilizes all resources available in education, public meetings and the media to prevent more bereavement through dialogue, tolerance, peace and reconciliation.

Polyphony is an organization whose purpose is to bridge the divide between Palestinian-Israelis and Jewish-Israelis communities by creating a common ground where young people come together around classical music. By educating both performer and audience in the art of listening and communicating, Polyphony seeks to further the development of a just and dynamic civil society in Israel. Their programs aim to equally educate and expose Palestinian-Israelis and Jewish-Israelis youth to both classical music and the music of ‘the other,’ to create equal opportunities for musical training, and to facilitate joint professional music-making. In so doing, Polyphony is transforming students, families, institutions and communities and creating opportunities for engagement, dialogue, partnerships, and lasting integration.

Just Vision increases the power and reach of Palestinians and Israelis working to end the occupation and build a future of freedom, dignity and equality using non-violent means.


Since 2014 Source of Hope supports the St John Eye Hospital, based in East Jerusalem. The Hospital has satellite eye care clinics in the West Bank and in Gaza. Patients receive care regardless of their ethnicity, religion or ability to pay. The difficult access to healthcare is one of the main reasons why the rate of blindness in the Palestinian territories and in Gaza is ten times higher than in the West. Source of Hope supports their patient care in Gaza.

In collaboration with Mercy Corps and Google, we are helping Palestinian trained engineers develop a software outsourcing industry similar to the Indian model. Palestinians are well educated including thousands of engineers; most unable to find suitable employment. Because software outsourcing can be largely accomplished on the internet, travel prohibitions are less of a problem. Already some international technology companies, like Cisco and Hewlett-Packard, are outsourcing to Palestinian software developers. Our goal is to provide sustainable, high level employment, aid the Palestinian economy; thereby enhancing the prospects for peace.

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United States

Source of Hope has been a long-time supporter of Henry Street Settlement, a social service agency that offers a wide range of programs to benefit the urban poor in the lower east side of New York City. We have enhanced the housing residence for battered women and their children by improving the facilities and creating a computer room and a playroom for youngsters.

New York-Presbyterian / Columbia University Medical Center resides in a low income area around 168th Street on the west side of Manhattan. Over 50% of its patients are on Medicare or uninsured. Many of these patients use the hospital’s emergency room as their source of primary care. As a result, the emergency room was overcrowded, with waiting times averaging nine hours. Source of Hope Foundation funded the construction of a rapid medical evaluation center within the Adult Emergency Department in order to facilitate improved care and reduced waiting times. Before its construction, triage nurses did not have the facilities to treat patients promptly, requiring them to wait many hours, even for minor health issues. Now, the rapid evaluation unit is able to make its diagnosis faster, leading many more patients to be treated and released promptly. Our goal is to make medical care for the less affluent an easier and less traumatic experience.

Memorial Sloan Kettering. Integrative Medicine Program for Pediatrics. This program collaborates with the Pediatric Service of MSK to provide massages and other touch therapies. These services, offered free of charge, are aimed to enhance the quality of life of children treated for cancer. Children, particularly the very young, respond extremely well to the soothing nature of touch therapy. In addition to having a calming effect, massages reduce the pain that can result from cancer or its cancer treatment. Relaxation techniques also alleviate anxiety, headaches, nausea and insomnia and they have been proven helpful in overall coping ability.